The Automagic Adventures of Svante the Wizard

Love grinding but don't have time? Problem solved!

You will train the level hungry but slightly looney wizard svante to do it for you. Once Svante gets started there's no stopping him (even by turning off the app!). Fight again magical monsters and wondrous creatures in quest for magical stars. Reach levels and might before unheard of in this fantasy RPG. And do it while sleeping, working, studying and at all other times of the day, Svante will help you automagically! 





Examen is a quiz game inspired by the subjects in the Swedish school.

You play with friends on the same device or online against friends or random opponents and the goal is to be the first to answer a question right in each of the 10 categories in the game. The categories are taken from the subjects in the Swedish schools.

The app is now available in both English and Swedish.