Meepo Consulting


We're experts in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and have created large scale solutions for both fortune 500 companies and medium sized companies. This is helping our clients better understand their data, make the correct analyses and improve the way they work.


Case Study


At Ericsson we've created a tool for project follow-up, visualization and metrics used by over 1000 decision-makers in the organization. This internal tool have enabled them to move from a proprietary thinking around data and different silos for different parts of the organization, to a lean transformation where transparency and measurability is key.

Data previously hidden in cumbersome old applications and Excel sheets is made available in a sleek modern UI, and shareable through a normal URL. Integrating with over 30 different data sources and visualizing them in a uniform way has been a great and fun challenge.

The result: a tool supporting an ever changing organization and way of working, providing key performance indexes and a previously unthinkable business support. Enabling faster and better decisions based on data, less time spent on communicating the basics and a better understanding of the development process.





                                                              Case Study


We've been a part of creating a modern way of working for the staff at Swedish Railways (SJ). Replacing an old handheld terminal for scanning tickets with a modern sleek-looking app, with functions for communication with command central, passenger transit information and of course "ticket punch"-functionality using the camera and NFC has made work easier for hundreds of the on-board staff. 


Case Study


When we came in contact with King they were in a very expansive phase and needed a way to recruit more and recruit better.

The solution that we built together with their internal team was an app in the form of a quiz game. King Challenge was born! 

The game asks domain-specific questions in different working categories at King. Questions sourced by King's own employees, who better knew what skills were needed? Players with a high enough score were offered an interview.

The result was a great success where many new employees started out by playing the game. Not only did it make the filtering process easier for HR, but it also made the application process a lot more accessible and people who were not really looking for a job found their way to the high score and an interview.